How I started

Leeds Castle, Kent


Collier                                             Leeds

(kol-yer) French: collar; necklace          (leedz) castle in Kent, England



     While visiting England in the spring of 2005, I planned a family outing to Leeds Castle in Kent about an hour drive from London. Although I found the castle and the grounds spectacular, its dog collar museum was the feature that left a lasting impression on me. I had never seen anything of its kind and being a lifelong dog lover I was genuinely thrilled to view these little historic pieces of canine art. I was so taken with the unique look of the collars that I wanted to adorn my own dogs with something similar.   Unfortunately, despite many shopping trips, I had no luck finding collars with the appearance of antiquity or the quality of the ones at the castle.  As the name suggests, Collier Leeds, is the outcome of that fateful trip to Leeds Castle.            
     My company is a true representation of me. Collier Leeds is a combination of my professional experience, my interest in history, the love I have for my dogs, plus the need for a great collar.  I draw upon my experiences in the antique and fashion jewelry business to bring my customers stately, fashionable collars that are well made and destined to be lasting reminders of the dog we love so dear.
           Mary Oswald, owner and founder







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