5 steps to measure your dog's neck size

It is important to Collier Leeds that you order the correct size collar for your dog. The collar sizes we offer are based on a measurement from the end of the buckle to the first and last hole on the collar. Each collar has three holes, allowing for a one inch adjustment.
Either use the print out below or a cloth measuring tape and follow these five simple steps to accurately measure your dog's neck. Remember: the collar size is your dog's neck size plus one inch.

1. Print the "Printable Measuring Tape"

2. Cut along the dotted lines

     3. Line up and tape together, making sure to align tape measure numbers.

    4. Measure snugly around your dog's neck

    5. Collar size range will be measured neck size plus one inch
    Example: dog's neck measures 12 inches, order 13-14 inch collar.




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