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Mary Oswald of Collier Leeds creates a leather dog collar


Dogs have been in my life since I was a baby.  My first dog was a cocker spaniel named Lady.  My parents remind me that my chubby little 2 year old fingers loved to softly squeeze her golden, floppy ears and give her big hugs.  And so, a physical connection between me and dogs began.   Perhaps that is why my father's pet name for me was "Puppy"! 

Throughout my life, I've counted on my dogs to comfort me through difficult times and have shared their love in the best of times.  I even fell in love with my husband partly because of his undying affection for his then partner in life, Gandalf,  a beloved golden retriever.  After all, a guy who loves dogs can't be all that bad, right?

I am so proud of my company Collier Leeds.  In my late 40's I was able to find my life's passion of making beautiful dog products.  I carefully design and craft every collar, lead and charm so that my customers can outfit their dogs with love and pride.  

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope I can share with you and yours a bit of my puppy love.


Squeezes and hugs,

Mary Oswald

Mary Oswald of Collier Leeds




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